About Us

EMF Equip was created out of frustration & debilitating

I was exposed to considerable amounts of industrial electromagnetic radiation in the workplace, but at the time I could not understand why I was becoming increasingly sick. After six months I could barely function. For the first time in my life I experienced the true horror of chronic illness, insomnia and numerous other symptoms of declining health. Doctors said their was nothing wrong with me.

I had no choice but to quit that job and move location. Over the next few years this mysterious illness would come and go, and at my worst I became desperately ill, could not sleep, and was even a real danger driving on the roads. However, it become increasingly obvious beyond any doubt, my debilitating health was directly correlated with my job, place of residents and my degree of exposure to Wi-Fi, dirty electricity and 5G.

I diagnosed myself with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity as this prognosis had eventually become completely self evident! I had extensively used my body and mind as a test subject, comparing myself to the ‘canary down the coal mine’. A new doctor did some blood tests, said there’s nothing wrong with me, and recommended a clinical psychologist. I was both devastated and angry.

With a background in science and multiple tertiary science qualifications, I began my intensive research into artificial electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation to combat this infliction and help others. My partner is a registered nurse and incredibly passionate and knowledgeable in human health, and I am grateful for her collaboration with this research.

There are literally no formal scientific studies proving artificial EMF’s are safe.

Why are authorities allowed to continue exposing all of life to toxic, increasingly pervasive radiation with impunity and with not one single study to justify it’s safety?

We are dedicating our lives to exposing the truth, promoting the scientific studies showing how we are all being harmed, and to illustrate truly effective measures to equip our selves to protect our health and all life on our planet.


To increase awareness of the dangers of toxic electromagnetic field radiation inflicting the planet, help people reduce exposure to themselves and alleviate systems of EMF radiation.


To help create a safer environment for everyone and reduce the increasing exposure causing damage to our wildlife and ecosystems.


“The closer the collapse of the Empire the crazier its laws”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

106 - 43

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


1694 - 1778