Toxic Electromagnetic Field Shielding

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Shielding from artificial electromagnetic field radiation can be a complex topic and some times difficult to effectuate. One has to consider reflection and conductivity, the EMF radiation type and source, and the shielding material type and technique needed.

Options available include shielding clothing, fabric, paint and guards. Shielding does have the potential to amplify radiation. For example, wearing a reflective hat will shield radiation directed from above, but may amplify radiation directed or refracted from below. A deflector shield behind a router to protect bedrooms may amplify and concentrate radiation forward into living spaces.

The use of a Faraday cage to live and sleep in can get very complicated and the more research we did on shielding the more confusing, misleading and incomplete information could be found regarding shielding in general. For example, there is a huge difference between a Faraday cage for protecting sensitive and important electrical devices against a coronal mass ejection and shielding yourself and your family against EMF’s. It is quite interesting to learn of the ‘Carrington event 1859’ and consider when that will occur again and what will happen.

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One needs to consider that the human body is electric, we are batteries, and we do need to be literally grounded or earthed, and shielding can distort our own electromagnetic fields. Shielding also means distance, the further away from WiFi, smart meters and buildings electrical system the less exposure we receive.

However, we believe just very basic shielding can make a significant difference. Good examples include the router cage / guard, or as what I have had to implement, home made shielding panels for the WiFi router to help deflect the radiation away from where I live and work. And this hardly affects internet connectivity if this must be used instead of cable.

One very simple method is to wrap aluminium or ‘tin’ foil around a piece of cardboard, to make a panel that can be folded in half like a book, and placed in under and behind the router. This potential concentrating deflector, focusing the routers radiation in a particular direction, is realistically not ideal but does reduce exposure away from specific areas. This method may be required to deflect radiation coming from neighbours WiFi and smart meter radiation. Other excellent shielding materials that are flexible, durable, light weight and very easy to use are readily available online.

From the research we have done we really all should be scared of smart meters, and they have affected my health personally and countless people are reporting ill side effects when smart meters are installed. But because they’re usually on the outside of homes and building, shielding can be implemented quite easily and is effective.

But, to help protect others and animal and plant life, we strongly recommend to just refuse to have any smart meters installed – if that’s an option these days when utility companies install them when your not home! Smart meters can be shielded from both purchased and home-made guards to reduce the amount of radiation emitted.

Further information on do-it-yourself shielding, bed canopies, EMF protection clothing and painting to protect you in your home is available below.

Shielding Solutions

Home Made Shielding

Cheap do-it-yourself shielding can effectively deflect and reduce wi-fi and smart meter radiation.

Bed & baby cot EMF Canopies

May very well improve your sleep and health, looks good and also deters mosquitoes.

EMf Clothing & Safety Wear

Toxic EMF protection clothing can be unnoticable and quite wearable.

EMF Shielding Paint

Applying a coat of EMF shielding paint to your home will help filter out radiation from external radiation sources.


Shielding materials are either reflective and/or absorptive. Depends on the material, how it works and it’s conductivity. Faraday cages definitely need to be grounded to protect sensitive electrical equipment.

Shielding paint definitely needs to be grounded as the paint is conductive. If an electrical fault, such as from a damaged appliance were to come in direct contact with this paint, then the whole wall surface may become electrified. Due to the semi-conductive nature of the paint, over a large surface area, it would be very rare to cause such an accident. Grounding would eliminate any such risk.

Certainly no need to risk such a hazard so if opting to protect yourself and family from increasingly dangerous electromagnetic fields then it’s easy to paint and ground your walls with shielding paint. The painting application can be either done yourself or by contractor, however the grounding process will usually need to be done by an electrician.