Dirty Electricity

A potentially beneficial solution to toxicity from electromagnetic field radiation could be dirty electricity filters. Dirty electricity is caused by complex electrical equipment, which are now fundamentally most appliances. They take power producing high-frequency voltage transients, and these transients are created when the current is repeatedly interrupted, that then generate massively fluctuating electromagnetic fields.

It is the complex electrical systems of modern appliances and equipment, with componentry drawing different rates of electricity, that then emanate these highly fluctuating EMF’s. These harmful EMF’s are mostly in the form of toxic radio frequency, often being excasibated by mobile / cell phone towers, which emanate from a buildings entire electrical wiring system. Basically these devices corrupt the electricity they receive.

Offending electrical appliances include the more modern devices, such as smart televisions, gaming machines, transformers, battery chargers, computers, devices that operate in ‘stand-by’ mode, devices that have LED lights, dimmer switches and energy efficient lighting. The worst and most offending are photovoltaic solar power systems, with massive transformers up to 20 kilowatts, generating up to 20 kilohertz of frequency.

Unfortunately, like with most EMF protection strategies, are not that cheap, ranging in price from around $100 for the plug in types to over a thousand dollars for the models that need to be hard wired into the mains power supply, requires the services of an electrician. The hard-wired versions protect the hole building, where as multiple plug in models may be required to do a reasonable job. The basic principle of ‘you get what you pay for’ applies. A fundamental message though is to do some research and read the related product reviews.

Additionally it will usually then be necessary to take antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements such as spirulina, ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Selenium, Glutathione, turmeric, Reishi and Turkey tail mushrooms. These all may basically have anti-cancer properties to help protect against DNA damage caused by radiation and strengthen immunity and reduce oxidative stress. They may protect against free-radical damage and heavy metals, and help protect against neurological cognitive decline.