EMF Radiation Bed Canopies

Protection While Sleeping

The most critical time to avoid radiation from EMF emitting sources such as WiFi, satellites and dirty electricity is at night while sleeping!

Protection from this now clinically excessive radiation can be achieved with total isolation using a bed canopy that deflects radiation including 5G and smart meters. Using quality products and materials is paramount for effective shielding and unfortunately relatively expensive.

Key prerequisites are:

  • Ample space for manoeuvrability and personal electromagnetic freedom, as this material can trap heat.
  • Breath-ability achieved with sufficient fabric netting spacing to exchange air, but becoming more difficult with higher frequency 5G radiation.
  • Effective strength to cope with increasing toxic radiation exposures.

Swiss Shield

One of the best quality products is Swiss Shield which we have tested. The patented yarn, a gossamer-thin, invisibly integrated special thread gives the fabric its unique protective effect. This lattice works like a mirror that reflects electromagnetic radiation.

Most of their distributors sell fabricated EMF protective bed canopies of various sizes, but you may have to purchase the poles separately. Alternatively some purchase the plane fabric from the roll at 2.5 metres (8’2.5”) wide in any length they choose, and either sew themselves or know someone that can. This option allows for the more customisable requirements. Though this is not significantly cheaper than the fabricated bed canopy products.

other options

Many people are becoming desperate to achieve relief and are literally living in tents and similar structures made of relatively light-weight plastic / nylon / polyester like EMF protection fabric. Some are commercially available but most people construct their own. Ideally some form of ventilation may be needed, particularly for smaller structures, to expel carbon dioxide and heat build up.

provided below are some emf protection recommendations Available Online to protect yourself from harmful radiation constantly emitted by Wireless communications and other EMF's

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Pusaman emf / RFID / EMI / RF Radiation Fabric

100% silver fiber anti-radiation, bedding …

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100% silver fiber EMF Protection Material

Conductive radiation fabric for shielding, cage …

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LVFEIER EMF Protection Fabric

Conductive thread fabric, Faraday …

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DefenderShield EMF 5G WiFi Shielding Fabric

Scarf size. Radiation emission protection.