Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Measuring Equipment

To truly identify the exact extent of the hazard that we all now face, even though that it is completely unavoidable, quantifiable identification is vital to identify the exact theat from toxic electromagnetic fields (eg WiFi, 5G).

Measuring toxic artificial electromagnetic fields does require some knowledge of the different types of EMF radiation that is damaging the health of all life. It is important to recognise that there are three forms of toxic artificial electromagnetic field radiation, being electric, magnetic and radio-frequency (RF) radiation. It is vital to idenfify the type of EMF radiation and where it is coming from, and in particular it’s strength.

Knowledge is power, obtaining accurate information using a good quality EMF meter will identify if you, your family, friends and even your pets are being exposed to dangerious radiation levels. An EMF meter then becomes very useful in measuring how effective any radiation reduction strategies, such as shielding, are in actually reducing exposure and protecting your health. Simply measure before and after.

Therefore more than one meter will usually be needed to make a full assesment of a particular locations radiation toxicity. However, and particularly for those that just simply can not afford these meters, anything you do will help. However, EMF meters are effective tools to help protect people and mitigate the very real threats that is WiFi, 5G etc EMF radiation. An option is to purchase these meters with friends and family to share the costs and increase peoples awareness of everyday harmful radiation.

provided below are some of the emf measuring meters that we recommend. These can be used to help protect yourself from harmful radiation constantly emitted by electrical devices and wireless communications

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EMF Meters

GQ EMF-390 Digital EMF Meter and RF Detector

Detects up to 10Ghz with real time data logging.

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Trifield TF2 EMF Meter

Detects electric field, magnetic field and radio frequency (RF) radiation.

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LHF-B3G Triple Axis HF RF Power Meter

Analyzer and detector measuring cell phone/tower, smart meter etc radiation.

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Accoustic meter

Provides audible indication of radiation levels.

EMF Protection

There is an urgent and increasing need to avoid exposure to the proven toxic electromagnetic fields such as WiFi and 5G


Blushield devices allow users to mitigate the dangers and ill-effects caused by these harmful EMF’s.