Detoxification is now as important as ever with artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) inhibiting the cells in our bodies from functioning properly!

Constant exposure to unnatural intensive microwave radiation from EMF sources such as WiFi and cell / mobile phone frequencies are impeding all living cells from operating normally. There are many methods used to detoxify our bodies from pollutants and heavy metals that we encounter every day that then become absorbed within our bodies.


Clinoptilolite zeolite can remove heavy metals and chemical pollutants from all parts of the body. Such toxins accumulate within us from the air, food and water we consume. Ingesting zeolite may also remove harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses.


Drinking sufficient water daily is crucial. More so if detoxifying with zeolite. However it does need to be of sufficiently good quality. Tap water contains chlorine  diinfectent and often the pesticide sodium flouride. Bottled water can be even worse!

Expert Advice

Seek professional and expert advice from naturopaths, health food shops and dietitians. Consultation with your doctor for any medical condition is always vital. Some doctors however may be unwilling to consider electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Replace Mercury Fillings

“There is ongoing concern that exposure to electromagnetic fields can lead to adverse health effects. It has recently been shown that even low doses of mercury are capable of causing toxicity. Increased release of mercury from dental amalgam restorations after exposure to electromagnetic fields such as those generated by MRI and mobile phones has been reported. We have reported that increased mercury release after exposure to EMF’s may be risky for the pregnant women”.

Detoxification with Blushield

Blushield devices have the compelling ability to cause our bodies to significantly detoxify. Blushield does state that some people may experience some discomfort during the initial detoxification process. Blushield’s technology with it’s multiple scalar wave outputs has the ability to release stress on the body from EMF and allow the immune system to normalise.

Blushield advises that anyone new to their products may want to gradually re-acclimatise to their replicated harmonious frequencies naturally generated by our planet, particularly the stronger models, to ease into any detoxification effects.

EMF Protection

There is an urgent and increasing need to avoid exposure to the proven toxic electromagnetic fields such as WiFi and 5G


Blushield devices allow users to mitigate the dangers and ill-effects caused by these harmful EMF’s.