NASA developed a small Schumann resonance simulator device, which generated a 7.83 hertz magnetic field which is an extremely low frequency (ELF) field, that was installed in their space shuttles. Astronauts and cosmonauts before the space shuttle era suffered significant health deterioration.

This invention was used to help astronauts that would otherwise experience symptoms of nausea, changes in energy levels, immune system issues, aggressive behaviour, etc. when they were outside of the Earth’s magnetic field. Being outside the Earth’s natural frequencies caused major problems.

The Schumann resonances are electromagnetic resonances generated by lightning that are trapped within the ionosphere which exists at about 100 kilometres (60miles) above the Earth’s surface.

These frequencies create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat. They were first identified by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, and now regarded as the ‘heartbeat of Mother Earth’. These frequencies coincidentally are the same frequency ranges as our brainwaves. Therefore we can not be healthy without these natural biological frequencies.

Today however, we are all extensively and constantly exposed to unnatural frequencies, which makes it harder for the cells of the body to tune into the frequencies of nature we have evolved with and adapted to. And it is just not people, as all plant and animal life are now inflicted. Today’s constant exposure to often highly toxic artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) such as WiFi, 4G and now 5G from thousand’s of satellites saturating the entire planet in harmful radiation, are scientifically documented to cause severe health issues.

As a result, an inventor from New Zealand developed a technology that was able to protect us from these harmful forms of radiation. When people start using Blushield devices, they often report:

  • More relaxed, calm and ‘chilled’.
  • Better able to focus.
  • Able to spend more time in front of a computer.
  • Less tired, zapped eyes.
  • Greater energy.
  • Better quality sleep.
  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Improved health.

The fact is that some EMF’s are not all bad for your body, not by themselves. It really depends on how they occur and how often they occur.

Blushield devices utilise a highly complex algorithmic code that is based on natural laws and principles, such as the Phi ratio. The micro-processing technology balances randomisation with coherent energy whilst not interfering with wireless communications signals. It’s far beyond just the Schumann frequency. This is important, because with all technology, we tend to find out down the road that those devices that are not built according to natural laws have negative effects that aren’t always apparent right away. Even when they are believed and/or stated to be within a “beneficial range” or within ‘safe limits’.

The fact is that everyone and all life is surrounded by natural frequencies all the time.

It’s easiest to think in terms of sound frequencies, but this applies to all kinds of other It’s easiest to think in terms of sound frequencies, but this applies to all kinds of other frequencies, as well. At the beach, you hear the ebb and flow of waves crashing on the shore. The waves are not a constant sound.

There are millions of different frequencies and harmonics happening all the time. Or think about the wind rustling through trees. Each leaf shaking against another is generating a unique frequency of sound with randomised, changing amplitudes.

Again, this is just sound, but it also applies to light, electromagnetism and longitudinal scalar energies as well.

None of these frequencies are constant. If they were, like the Wi-Fi signal, it would aggravate your body and all the cells in your body. Natural frequencies all tend to come and go and gradually change. Blushield devices replicate this by having millions of different intermittent frequencies within the human responsive range. These are both random in one sense, meaning your body is never stimulated by the same combination of frequencies twice, yet the energy is coherent with many layers of code and multiple wave-forms that essentially send signals that the body synchronises with.

Spontaneous natural frequencies are positive and harmonious to the body. Constant, rapid and repetitive frequencies are not.

In addition, Blushield devices have a scalar component to them that is five times as powerful as In addition, Blushield devices have a scalar component to them that is five times as powerful as the EMF’s. These work in tandem to help your cells work even better. Both Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla praised scalar wave frequencies, hence Blushield is referred to as Tesla technology.

What this all accomplishes is that your body is better able to operate as it should be able to, without the interference that negative EMF’s bring. Blushield doesn’t BLOCK negative EMF’s, instead it provides a STRONGER signal, one that is based on natural principles, that your body wants to tune into.

Blushield uses the analogy of a dial on an old fashioned television. If you rotate the dial to one channel, the TV is tuned to pick up the information in the energy waves flying through the air to create sound and light frequencies that make up a coherent picture that is your television show. Just because you are tuned into that one channel doesn’t mean that another channels frequencies, that comprise the increasingly pervasive ‘electromagnetic smog’, aren’t also bouncing around in the same room. It just means the TV is tuned to a different frequency range.

Likewise, Blushield sends signals to the cells in a specific way to where the body no longer Likewise, Blushield sends signals to the cells in a specific way to where the body no longer perceives toxic artificial EMF’s a threat. Since the body is used to mounting an immune response to fight these unnatural, repetitive frequencies, the body is able with Blushield’s biologically harmonious frequencies to reallocate immune energy to balancing the body and return to homeostasis. This can certainly cause a detox effect in some people which more of us desperately need.

This is what Felix, a student, had to say:

I’m a year-12 student at Sunshine Beach State High School in Queensland. Last year my mom got me a portable Blushield device. Ever since I got it, I’ve seen a massive improvement in my marks, with my focus and my concentration, my energy, and my general happiness. In a world where electronics and Wi-Fi and technology is rapidly increasing everywhere, I feel it’s good to have my Blushield next to me, as it protects me from all the EMF and radiation from Wi-Fi and technology. I feel like I concentrate better with it around. When I go to sleep, I make sure to have it close to me because I sleep better with it.”

The more time you spend in the field generated by Blushield, the better off you’ll be. That’s why we recommend taking them with you wherever you go.

This is essential, especially when you’re travelling. You’re under added stress already from new microbes, new people, changes in food, contaminants in the air and water, and the radiation that comes from flying in aeroplanes and driving in cars, and while at work, school and public places.

If you’re in any urban area or city, take a look at your smartphone and all the different Wi-Fi signals it can pick up, and often at full strength!

Typical Vehicle Radiation

Grab a portable device for on-the-go protection. The Portable easily fits in your pocket or purse. This is great when you’re travelling, and the vehicle device is designed to protect you and your family while driving. This is especially important today with modern electrical vehicles and features.

And then you have the various larger models to protect your home and office. I can sincerely and honestly state, as a chronic sufferer of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, beyond any doubt that these Blushield devices have truly saved my health. For my personal story follow this link.

As NASA states: “Insightful analysis of Schumann resonance (SR) can give the science community a band of radio frequency (RF) signals for improving life here on Earth and exploring beyond” (“Preparations for a Miniaturized Reconfigurable ELF Receiver’ 2003 NASA).