The application of electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding paint to protect a buildings occupants from intensifying external radiation, such as WiFi, smart-meters, cell towers and 5G can be a very effective blocking strategy. Shielding paints are increasingly an imperative investment to retain and regain personal health and help prevent diseases associated with toxic artificial EMF radiation.

Shielding from toxic electromagnetic fields is a complex topic and encompasses a broad array of different approaches and strategies, thus can be a protection method difficult to effectuate. Shielding your home or place of work by painting the surfaces of a building with EMF shielding paint and so impede the penetration of EMF radiation, does take some consideration and planning.

However, shielding from the accumulating amount of this toxic radiation is going to be necessary for an expanding amount of people. More people are feeling the adverse health effects of toxic EMF’s, and increasingly people are becoming aware of the mounting scientific evidence proving that these EMF’s are harming not just the World’s population, but all life on Earth.


As with all forms of EMF shielding, one has to consider the potential of reflection and refraction of the shielding material type. Shielding does have the potential to amplify and concentrate radiation. Painting a building or parts there of with EMF shielding paint can be very effective in protecting the occupants from external radiation emitting sources including:

Neighbours WiFi which can be very strong – when searching for a WiFi signal often it is noticed numerous neighbouring signals can be picked up and regularly at full strength. This is carcinogenic microwave radiation.

  • Radiation emanating from your own house namely dirty electricity induced by a buildings electrical wiring and by solar panel inverters, smart meters and grid supply power meter box’s.
  • Radiation from nearby over-head electrical power transmission lines.
  • Telecommunications towers which have been on numerous occasions around the world considered the primary cause of cancer clusters.
  • Mobile / cell phone 2G radiation was linked to detrimental ill health decades ago – as can be easily searched online with urban firefighters in the USA becoming ill when telecommunications towers / masts were commonly installed on top of fire stations.
  • and now 5G satellites increasing in the tens of thousands are quite literally blanketing the entire Earth in a more intense form of radiation that has, literally, no independent formal scientific evidence of human safety.

Painting the walls of your home or work building with EMF protection paint may seem to some an extreme effort, but for many this option is not only becoming more appealing but indeed necessary to maintain and regain your personal health. The cost factor is certainly one disadvantage of implementing this technique, however if it can be afforded and/or implemented then this approach is certainly worth the effort to significantly reduce the possibility of serious illness.

Of course the windows can not be painted over, however painting the walls will provide a considerable amount of shielding. For those wanting complete radiation protection, windows can be shielded with an EMF blocking adhesive clear film or EMF shielding curtains can be installed. EMF window curtains can be made to order or the material itself can be purchased and fashioned by yourself or someone you know skilled in sowing. EMF fabric, though once again not cheap, can be considerably effective in blocking external EMF radiation, and newer fabrics are being manufactured specifically for 5G.


Unfortunately this option may not be economically possible for some, especially those that rent. This is one expense most land-lords would be hesitant to provide. A five litre container on average costs almost 400 dollars. Five litres or one and a third gallons should cover a surface area of 37 metres square or about 400 square feet. A one litre container should cover about 7.5 square metres or about 81 square feet.

Realistically an entire average size bedroom would need almost 15 litres or 4 gallons to apply two coats, or 8 litres (2 gallons) for a single coat which will still provide good shielding. Most of the readily available EMF shielding paints only come in black. However these specialised paints are used as an under-coat or primer, which can readily be painted over with any colour of your choice. There is the potential to make your own EMF shielding paint, possibly with graphite powder mixed into acrylic paint, however this requires further investigation to determine conductivity continuity efficiency and hence shielding effectiveness.


IF the entirety of the building is to be shielded with EMF shielding paint, then virtually no wireless device can be used in the house. This certainly may be the desired choice for many, however it must be realised that mobile / cell phones may not work that well inside – which is of course one test to determine how adequately the shielding paint is working. Some have opted to have a specific location within the building that is not totally shielded, such as a common room with larger un-shielded windows, to make cell phone calls.

More people are also reverting back to using cabled land-line phones for safety reasons. Cordless phones would not be suitable as these emit a much greater amount of toxic microwave radiation than the average person realises (for information on just how toxic cordless phones are please refer to our post ‘Toxic Cordless Phones’ which also details some recommendations to mitigate radiation exposure).

It would certainly not, for the same reason, be advised to use WiFi within your home or place of work that is entirely painted with EMF shielding paint. The WiFi radiation will usually be concentrated and amplified within the building and quite potentially make this form of toxic microwave radiation even more dangerous. Therefore Internet connection will usually need to be wired using Ethernet cabling. This is another additional cost, though such cable is relatively inexpensive.

If the ‘wired’ connection method is desired then some may opt to have such cable inserted through and distributed within the walls for practicality and aesthetic purposes. This may need the enlisted help of a qualified electrician for those not skilled. We recommend using shielded Internet cable to reduce if not help eliminate radiation exposure.

For those in the process of planning and constructing their home then installing Ethernet cable at this stage is a straight forward and simple process. Even for those indifferent to the science of WiFi toxicity, installing internet cables at the building construction stage may prove to be financially beneficial, as this insignificant capital outlay is becoming both increasingly desired and necessary. Selling a house with installed Ethernet cabling may very well be an attracting feature.


As EMF shielding paint is conductive, which is how this form of of protection functions, it will then usually be required to ‘ground’ or ‘earth’ the painted surface. This is easily achieved with the installation of a ‘grounding plate’ to be attached to the surface to be painted, which is then electrically grounded via a ‘grounding strap/tape’. Grounding is also done for safety reasons, as the paint is electrically conductive. It the painted surface were to be accidentally electrocuted by faulty electrical equipment or wiring, the grounding would trip the safety breakers.

Alternatively just grounding tape can be used at a near full length and/or height of the surface to be painted. The grounded strap is commonly connected to suitable electrical wires and then to nearby earth/ground connections of the electrical power sockets. The socket wall plate mounding needs to be removed to hard-wire the wall grounding, and are usually removed anyway, as with all wall fixtures, to create a more professional painting job.

Grounding may also be achieved by connecting the grounding wires to metal plumbing or stake driven into the ground. Usually this needs to be done by an electrician and for them should be a quick job, and they can test to determine if the grounding straps or tape are truly grounded. The wall and grounding plate and/or tape can then be painted over.

Ideally it would be the interior of your home or building to paint to also protect from electromagnetic fields induced by building electrical wiring and dirty electricity. Painting the interior of a building also allows some customisation of this EMF shielding method. For example it may be just the bedroom/s and/or specific living areas that are needed to be shielded to create zones of blocked radiation.

Very regrettably it really is now the ceiling that needs to be painted as the greater priority to shield us from the tens of thousands of 5G satellites blanketing the Earth with higher frequency radiation. Interestingly and quite logically, insurance companies around the world will not insure this technology LINK. If you occupy a second floor or higher then any radiation sources from below, predominantly being WiFi and smart meters, then it certainly may be beneficial to paint the floor as well. Although durable EMF blocking fabric or foil can be placed under carpet instead.

Painting the walls and ceiling with EMF shielding paint is carried the same as would be for using any standard undercoat or primer paint. A roller is generally used for ease of application. Removing as many fixtures as possible, such as curtain wall attachments and shelving, before applying the paint will allow greater EMF shielding. If choosing to apply two coats of shielding paint, a better ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ would be achieved if the grounding tape is applied between coats.


This is where measuring EMF’s with specific meters becomes useful for identifying the type of radiation were all exposed to, the radiation strength and where it is predominantly coming from. However today it must reasonably be assumed that toxic EMF’s are inflicting us all from all directions. Measuring EMF exposure with the right equipment certainly requires at least a minor understanding of EMF radiation and the potential harmful sources.


Due to the cost of this protection method, it may be more feasible to start of with the most sensitive areas of the home, namely the bedroom/s, especially if you have children. Other sensitive locations of the home that may require priority shielding including walls that face neighbours whom irradiate you with WiFi microwave radiation, or from cell / mobile phone towers / masts.

This provides the option of continuing the EMF shielding painting process when affordability allows. Two coats would ideally be required for effective protection, however due to the impeding cost factor for many, one coat would certainly be better than nothing. Hopefully the price will decrease as more people choose to use EMF shielding paint.

One product choice to consider is the Woremor brand which is readily obtainable online. Click on their image for current pricing and availability. The manufacturers state this EMF shielding paint protects against high-frequency electromagnetic fields, low frequency electric fields and RF/microwave radiation. It is a pure silicate paint based on potassium silicate, suitable for interior application on walls, ceiling and floors, and does not contain toxic solvents, plasticisers, or any other toxic ingredients. It is applied as a prime coat and preferably covered with plastic bonded, water-based emulsion paints or silicon resin paints.

The manufactures state this is a “High-quality EMF Shielding Paint for blocking EMF and RF from cell towers, smart meters, WiFi, microwave and Bluetooth devices. The paint offers almost constant attenuation, without preferred direction of polarization, for frequencies of up to 18 GHz. This means: perfect protection against future developments of the telecommunications industry in the higher Gigahertz”.

Manufactures statements provide the following benefits and advantages of EMP shielding paint:

  • Easy to apply, environmentally friendly, durable, breathable, water resistant, non-oxidizing, solvent free, low-odour, low-emission and of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • Very effective attenuation of 37dB (effectiveness of 99.98%) with one layer, and 44dB (effectiveness of 99.995%) with two layers.
  • Eliminating issues related to RFID scanners in retails stores and shopping spaces..
  • Perfect solution for data-centers or surveillance free spaces to block and secure RF signals.
  • Eliminate interference in devices and instruments such as electrical guitars and electronic equipment.


Although this example will provide ample protection against most frequencies and today’s exposure strengths, as currently authorised by the majority of world governments and emitted by the big telecommunications companies, frequencies greater than 18 gigahurtz are already as of 2021 being sold by the regulating authorities to private enterprise. Although such intense artificial frequencies are currently not implemented, predominantly at this stage because this massive bandwidth is simply not needed. Presently though, as most manufactures detail, just one coat provides considerably effective radiation protection.

Their is one devastating unfortunate aspect of all this though, to those needing to shield themselves due to ill health from EMF radiation toxicity, and for those realising that this radiation is carcinogenic and the cause of so many diseases. It is an expense that we simply should not have to endure if our governments headed the ever increasing scientific evidence explicitly identifying that EMF’s cause harm to all living organisms. It seems progressively insane that authorities and private enterprises are more extensively pushing and forcing toxic radiation into our homes, while more are feeling it necessary to force it out.

Are we facing a future where we all must wear EMF shielding clothing and live in EMF shielded housing? We are, quite literally, currently terraforming our Earth!


The disadvantages of shielding your home or place of work with EMF shielding paint are basically the efforts required to identify what is the best strategy to implement this technique, the relatively high costs of purchasing the shielding paint and the efforts needed to actually paint the walls, ceiling and possibly even the floor. Unless your intentions are to already paint your home or workplace and the paint can be afforded.

Extra protection may be needed for the more larger windows with EMF blocking film or curtains. Internet connection to your devices would usually have to be supplied via Ethernet cable as WiFi microwave radiation would concentrate within the building.

The advantages however can be quite significant. Protecting yourself and family by painting your home with EMF shielding paint can be a powerful investment in comprehensively reducing external radiation exposure. Especially for those already suffering ill effects from electromagnetic field radiation and for the increasing number of people realising that these toxic artificial EMF’s do cause, sometimes serious, harm.