DIY EMF Protection

Do-It-Yourself Electromagnetic Field Radiation Protection

Do It Yourself electromagnetic field protective shielding can be effective, cost efficient and easy to do at home. With basic household aluminium (tin) foil or readily available EMF shielding fabric materials purchasable on-line, relatively small amounts can protect you and your family from WiFi, smart meters and electrical radiation. Even an old tin can will help!

radiation guards for American smart meters


In this example it was possible to filter a significant amount of radiation from solar panel photovoltaic inverter smart meters. In this case there are two, of the dongle type, and each produces an incredibly strong signal that can be detected hundreds of feet away.

Simply wrap foil around the dongle a couple of times, and test as described below. Duct tape was wrapped around to secure and protect the foil. Here a small window was cut out so the smart meters LED display could be observed.

This method simply contains and prevents much of the WiFi radiation from being emitted, thereby weakening its emissions. This will also mute the signal and may prevent the utility companies from receiving the data to assess the energy usage and photovoltaic production.

So the aim is to sufficiently reduce the signal so that it barely reaches your street. However different countries have different types and shapes of smart meters, and require other types of shielding such as metal mesh guards, but the principles are the same. A tin can stuffed loosely with foil which helped it hold onto this smart meter worked very well.

A simple test is to use the WiFi on a smart phone to search for potential available signals, a smart meter such as these usually have a serial number like WiFi name. Disconnect the dongle smart meter or switch it off and the WiFi name will be removed from your connections availability list. When searching for a WiFi signal, the signal strength indicated on the icon next to the name will show how effective this method is. Ideally EMF test meters will provide a more accurate assessment.

However it must certainly be your rite to refuse having any form of smart meter installed on your home considering the increasing amount of scientific evidence illustrating that EMF radiation is toxic. This method will also reduce the radiation being exposed to your neighbours and surrounding plant and animal life. Test it out and you may notice any nearby growing plants perform better and your own and family’s health and sleep improve.


Very basic shielding can make a huge difference in providing radiation protection against WiFi routers. Good examples include the router guards purchasable online but they are still definitely at a price most people would ponder upon for an extra second considering their simplicity but effectiveness. Regardless they are a good relatively cheap investment. Alternately for those handy in constructing such metal mesh cages then it would be relatively straight forward, and can be constructed to customise to your requirements.

Or as what can be done is the home built shielding panel for your WiFi router to help reduce and deflect the radiation away from sensitive living and working areas like the bedrooms, and basically as much of the household as possible. Protection in the work place against EMF radiation, WiFi being a prominent source of microwave radiation, will become an occupational health issue in the near future.


Router shielding hardly reduces Internet connectivity such is the strength even the factory settings are at in generating extensive microwave radiation. Some WiFi routers allow the signal strength, and hence toxic radiation, to be adjusted. Normally just log into your Internet service provider WiFi router dashboard and search under WiFi.

Routers used to have the function of a timer, where upon the WiFi signal would turn off at pre-set times, usually set for when the occupants are asleep. Though quite insidiously most routers have removed this function for no obvious reason apart from wanting people sick.

What we did was wrap a lot of aluminium foil, over thirty metres or nearly ninety feet, around a sheet of cardboard about a metre square. This made a panel able to be folded in half like a book, and placed in under and behind the router.

This shielded the WiFi radiation from radiating below and behind the router, intending to deflect it up and away from the sleeping and some living areas in the building. Duct tape or similar can be wrapped around the shield to protect the foil which can be easily damages.

When applying a shielding strategy to a WiFi router it must be taken into consideration that total shielding coverage will trap heat. Ventilation is crucial as shielding must incorporate heat escape and air movement. Either ample space is provided for and/or the shielding material is of the mesh type allowing air movement.

However the finer the mesh size the more shielding capability is obtained. Routers being an electrical appliance produce heat along with it’s radiation emitting capability, and over-heating will damage the equipment.

Therefore another strategy we accomplished was to purchase meshed EMF shielding material online, and fabricate a pouch like cover for the WiFi router. This material may be described as a thin very fine mesh and semi-rigid. The product description was ‘Shielding Nickel Copper EMF Protection Fabric’ and made of PET plastic. It is reasonably durable.

This process was reasonably straight foreword, but involved making a model of the router in question, but making it about five to ten percent larger than the actual router to be covered. This allows ease of fitting the shielding pouch / cover and provides some air circulation to occur around the router.

The model acted as a size gauge to cut out the pattern from the shielding fabric, and then used as a platform to fabricate the router cover. In this case the edges were simply super-glued together to form a square pouch. Gluing, as apposed to stapling or sewing, seemed to create greater durability and contact adhesion which significantly eliminated gaps. Each router is of different size, and this technique allows for complete customisation of the DIY router shield. This includes allowing openings in the EMF shielding fabric for insertion of the required cables.

A very basic and cheap attempt to reduce WiFi EMF radiation is to place a wire mesh office style waste bin over the router. Though as with all assessments of testing effectiveness of shielding protective measures and devices, it would be advantageous to measure the differences for different locations within the living or working area with the appropriate testing equipment.


The same principle applies here with mobile phone shielding whereby wrapping aluminium / tin foil around the phone to make a pouch, will reduce or eliminate the radiation they produce. Obviously so does turning it off or switching to flight mode, which really must be activated if children in particular are playing with a mobile phone or tablet.

The objective though is to reduce the amount of high Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave radiation these devices emit while being carried. As with the router shield we made as described previously, the phone was first wrapped in a thin sheet of cardboard to act as a model to wrap the foil around. This ensures that the phone will readily fit into the pouch.

Duct tape or similar can then be wrapped around the foil to protect the foil and provide some water resistance. This one depicted we made features a fold-able opening to increase it’s radiation filtering effectiveness. This would also act as a Faraday shield when the device is insulated from the conductive foil, and protect a phone from high electromagnetic pulses such as coronal mass ejections.

To test the effectiveness for the Faraday strategy simply place the phone in the pouch while on and try and call it from another phone. If it doesn’t ring then it works. The same nickel / copper EMF protection (fabric) mesh material as used for the router radiation guard described above may be fabricated into a radiation filter pouch for your phone. And it is semi-translucent allowing some visuals of the screen.

For testing the reduction amount in exposure when carrying the phone, so that the phone will still function as a phone, the only accurate method is to use specific EMF radiation measuring meters. However, if using a shielding pouch just test it by seeing if it rings. The signal strength in your particular area will also effect if the shield allows reception.

If making your own you may have to test a few different layers of whether it be foil, the EMF mesh described here or any of the other fabric / material types, to identify just the right amount. Some material types at only one layer may be too effective and hinder it’s ability to receive calls, requiring sufficiently small gaps or openings to gain reception.

These photos identify how many layers of this particular EMF shielding fabric type, the same as used for our WiFi router guard, were required to completely render the mobile phone from gaining reception.

Disable or turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and data when not using these features to reduce the amount of radiation they produce. Some of the available online purchasable EMF shielding mobile / cell phone cases may reduce your exposure to radiation. So called EMF phone stickers that claim to absorb harmful radiation before it damages your body needs further proof of effectiveness.

We highly recommend air-tube ear plugs when using your mobile cell phone to keep it away from your head. As the name suggests, sound travels through air tubes before the ear piece. Wired ear plugs transmit quite a high degree of radiation into the ear, and Bluetooth is even worse.


These sources of electromagnetic field radiation are usually on the outside of a building or your home, so it is the walls that need to have a shielding material applied to. Whether it be EMF shielding paint, aluminium foil, or the flexible plastic like shielding fabric readily available online, these measures and materials can make a significant effect in protecting your health.

These sources of electromagnetic field radiation are usually on the outside of a building or your home, so it is the walls that need to have a shielding material applied to. Whether it be EMF shielding paint, aluminium foil, or the flexible plastic like shielding fabric readily available online, these measures and materials can make a significant effect in protecting your health.

The better EMF shielding fabric available to purchase online is the solid type material as apposed to the fine mesh with minute square openings. Some radiation frequencies, in particular 5G, with very minuscule wavelengths, can pass through even very fine mesh. This solid material is about half a millimetre thick, and has a durable rubber plastic like structure, and is far more effective in shielding against these stronger radiation frequencies.

Paint quite obviously just paints on, whereas attaching shielding fabrics as described here to a wall is a challenge. It depends if you are renting, in which case to block radiation coming from outside and/or neighbours WiFi, it may need to be hung like a curtain against the wall in question, using multiple stick on hooks if necessary. If building a new dwelling then serious consideration must be warranted to install EMF shielding within the walls under the ‘gyprock’ walling panels.

Apartment and office buildings are potentially far worse a scenario with much of the electrical supply systems and utility smart meters contained within the entirety of the building. Combine this with the multiple sources of WiFi and Bluetooth in each apartment or office space, and in reality everywhere now anyway, then it is certainly true that many are now being subjected to harmful levels.

This is where the Blushield products can make a huge difference in helping protect your health. For advice on using EMF shielding paint check out our post.


A significant disadvantage for shielding that deflects radiation is that this reflected radiation may become concentrated and focused towards your neighbours and wildlife. Shielding also ‘deflects’ the attention away from the fact that this radiation exposure should not be occurring in the first place. In a way, for many, shielding is an imperative survival tactic, it may increase our complacency on the fact that the entire world is now under attack from irradiation.

Shielding from toxic electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a complex topic and one protection method that can be difficult to effectuate. However, shielding from the increasing amount of this toxic radiation is going to be necessary for a growing amount of people.

More people are feeling the adverse health effects of toxic EMF’s, and more people are becoming aware of the mounting scientific evidence proving that these EMF’s are harming not just the World’s population, but all life on Earth. View our post on the documented diseases directly caused by artificial electromagnetic fields.