Dr Russel Cooper Speaks on the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

Dr Russel Cooper speaks on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation with Paul Seils from ‘Messages from the Undergrounds’ Youtube channel. Below is the transcript from that video dated 12 April 2021, where Dr Cooper describes the causes of ill health from everyday electromagnetic field radiation and the actual bio-markers to help identify and diagnose damage from wireless radiation.

Paul Seils from Stop 5G Global, with me Dr Russell Cooper, you have quite a reputation in relation to your knowledge, so you’re a GP but you also have skills in EHS EMR etc, can you just tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to this place in time?”

So I have my original training as a medical doctor and I have done advanced training in nutritional environmental medicines. I have fellowships with the Australian college of Nutritional Medicine. I have a fellowship of herbal medicine. I am board certified in anti-aging medicine which embraces a multitude of chronic diseases including mitochondrial issues.

People who have chronic fatigue like syndromes and other illnesses of chronic ill health, we investigate and we investigate thoroughly and we have a treatment profile for that to help them where very little help is often available.

So it comes as no surprise that I find I have a lot of people who are coming to me with chronic ill health as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation sources. That could be their mobile phones or it could be living close to a wireless base station. It could be the Wi-Fi router in the classroom or at university, or it could be the smart meter in the back of their house or nearby where they are living, and they start developing ill health.

And it may be neurological symptoms like headaches and cognitive problems, or it could be just a lack of energy. It could be actual skin conditions like a sort of eczematous skin eruption as a result of being exposed to radiation which they obviously can’t see and may not even know they are being exposed at the time.

And often presenting to their GP, the GP treats on what they see and they prescribe cortisone creams and what have you, but that doesn’t change the underlying condition. So investigating this a lot further we’re now realising that all of us, even though within the Australian standards we have a degree of protection from ionizing radiation,

we basically have no protection whatsoever from non-ionizing radiation and multiple sources of that.

"And what concerns me profoundly is the promiscuous roll-out of the Internet of things (IoT) without any research whatsoever. Not only are there not cell studies, not only are there not animal studies, they're no human studies, neither short term nor long term."

Imagine if somebody stood up on a stage from a pharmaceutical company and said ‘I’ve got what I believe is a wonderful drug. We haven’t done cell studies, we haven’t done animal studies, we haven’t done human studies, but we believe this chemical is safe and we want everyone in the population to experience the wonderful benefits of this drug’. Well truly nobody is going to even go anywhere near that because that is grossly unsubstantiated data. Well this lack of data and the same thing really applies in this context.

We are being basically hoodwinked and being told by our authorities that as long as we’re under the ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, similar to the US Federal Communications Commission) standards, any radio frequency electromagnetic radiation devices that are emitting radio frequency are safe for us, and this is not necessarily the case.

"Remember on an individual basis each person has their own unique set of circumstances in that it's not how many metres they are away from a wireless base station, or a mobile phone tower, it's all the other confounding variables."

It’s the sort of triangulation of all the towers in the vicinity cross-reacting at a certain point. It’s the smart meter on their house, it’s where the power board is in relation to their bedroom, it’s their own Wi-Fi routers in their house, their mobile phone, all the electronic devices and all the electric and magnetic energy devices that they’re exposed to as well.

"Because our body has to handle the sum of all these exposures and to deal with that and to leave us in a good state of health."

Now it’s unravelling the biochemistry behind this that now gives us insight into the fact that when people develop an illness related to electromagnetic radiation, a lot of the psychologists at the moment who are anti-EMF sickness, for want of a better word which I’ll explain in a moment, have developed a concept that this is idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields.

And it’s purported that what people who believe they have an EMF related illness, that this is really nothing other than what is known as the ‘nocebo’ effect. Or basically they believe that they are being sickened by the technologies, but in fact according to the psychologists it’s the non-event. They are for want of a better word emotionally disturbed.

However we now have the biological markers. So we’ve got bio-markers for electromagnetic hypersensitivity which has been written about by a lot of researchers. But the work that I follow principally is from Professor Dominique Belpomme from France, where he and his colleagues have clearly elucidated that people who have chemical sensitivity syndrome and electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome have a range of markers essentially to do with inflammation and to do with oxidation.

So these people who have the symptoms that are described earlier of headaches, of neurological dysfunction, be it poor sleep or be it cognitive problems, or be it tinnitus or be it eye strain or be it ear problems, that these people have neuro-inflammation and neuro-oxidation basically in the brain and we now have markers for that.

"And the markers are fascinating, they look at the increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier."

So normally the brain is sacrosanct in the carapace and sacrosanct not only from the outside world but from the very body itself. So when we lose blood-brain barrier permeability, as is seen in people who have traumatic brain injury, then poisons from the body can actually damage the brain and brain structures.

So we have a marker for blood brain barrier permeability and we have a marker for brain proteins that are damaged by free radicals.

"And the free radicals are generated by electromagnetic radiation."

The worst of these free radicals is called peroxynitrite (ONOO) which is a combination of nitrosative stress and super oxide. So oxygen free radicals called reactive oxygen species and nitrosative species, or nitrogen reactive species, join together to form what I call the ‘Voldemort’ of free radicals which is peroxynitrite. And this free radical damages brain structures and we can measure the damage of the amino acid tyrosine. So it’s called nitrotyrosine as a marker of free radical damage.

We also know that the body has homeostatic or adaptive mechanisms and this is sponsored by the heat shock proteins (HSP). And in any homeostatic mechanisms, it’s an adaptable mechanism trying to bring our body back to a reference point of normality.

So what we find with heat shock proteins in these patients is the levels go sky high, meaning that massive amounts of heat shock proteins are being secreted to try to bring about a state of balance. But the converse is true too, that if the heat shock proteins drop dramatically below the reference range, then a person is even more damaged.

So when we measure these heat shock proteins, we measure lipid peroxidation markers like Malondialdehyde (MDA) in the urine, which is a breakdown, or oxidative damage, to fats and obviously the brain is a fatty organ.

We can measure melatonin levels in the urine and melatonin is an extraordinary one-stop-shop hormone which acts as a potent antioxidant and anti-cancer hormone to protect us. As you know, melatonin is secreted at night and melatonin levels across the board globally are reduced in people suffering from EHS.

And then we also have a marker called a 8-hydroxy deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) which is a marker of DNA damage. So actual parts of our DNA are broken and shed in the urine and this can be measured. So accelerated hydroxy deoxyguanosine is a sign of accelerated oxidative damage to our DNA.

Now remember this can lead on to a most sinister condition, a condition that we all fear, and fear with trepidation, and that’s cancer. And it’s not a very long leap of faith but actually there’s a well trodden pathway that there’s only a certain amount of oxidative damage that the body can take before DNA is so profoundly damaged that we start forming oncogenes, which are cancer genes, and those genes can cause major harm. Termination of our life!

So we can measure in the blood and we can measure in the urine. And there were fascinating studies on rats exposed to a standard Wi-Fi router 2.45 gigahertz for I think it was 60 hours and these rats had massive amounts of 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine in their urine.

Now you know when you think of it we have Wi-Fi routers going all the time in our homes. We get in our cars we go to work and then they’re WiFi routers at work so for all intents and purposes we are exposed to close to 24 hours a day Wi-Fi radiation at 2.45 gigahertz. And that was sufficient to cause a massive DNA damage in these rat studies.

"So you know we're looking at technology that is surprisingly increasingly shown to be harmful to human health, and should not be underestimated."

The fact that not many people obviously get sick when a router is turned on or when they use their mobile phone does not mitigate the fact that these are safe instruments to play with and to take no notice of. We enjoy what they offer us, we enjoy what they give us and the connectivity that they provide us which is amazingly alluring and lucrative for what it offers, but it comes with a price tag potentially to our health.”

Paul: “Exactly and also particularly in relation to the anticipated roll-out without consent of 5G and that potential frequency 100 times plus stronger.”

Correct but always remember that 5G adds in layers of complexity way beyond 3G and 4G, in that there are studies which show that there is undoubted mitochondrial damage so the very powerhouses of our cells are damaged and an enzyme called ATPase increases and breaks down ATP which is our sources like our bodies electricity.

"But more than that there are studies to show demyelination of the nerve sheath of the myelin which protects our nerves."

In fact it was back in 1977 that Russian researchers, this interesting study which was only recently released by the CIA and one has to wonder what the CIA is doing with 5G research, or then it was just known as millimetre wave research. Because obviously these are millimetre wave band, this is in the millimetre wave band, that it was shown that these effects were occurring and that animals, mice and rats, developed what they then called was radiation sickness.

"But different from nuclear radiation which is obviously ionizing, this is non-ionizing radiation. But it is by no means safe and we should never believe that because it's non-ionizing we are protected from harm."

There are also other studies which show that 5G results in, even though it doesn’t penetrate much beyond the skin, it’s what it does in the skin that is the problem. And what it does in the skin is that it can evoke the sweat glands to become micro antenna, and that’s known as helical antenna to promote the actual radio frequency through the body.

But more than that they’ve actually found genetic mutations. Five very important genes after keratinocytes, which are skin cells, were exposed to six hours of radiation in the low gigahertz bandwidth, that genes mutated. And some of these genes are genes that protect us from cancer. So when a gene that is supposed to protect us from cancer mutates, suddenly it loses its protective gene expression function.

"And so one can then extrapolate and see that we are looking at a lot of trouble with regard to health in the context of 5G roll-out.”

Paul: “I know a lot of people in the community, internationally but also in Australia are very concerned about trying to find doctors that have some experience and knowledge of EHS EMR issues, I mean how do they go about trying to find help?”

I mean you know obviously start with your local friendly GP, you’ve got to start somewhere so start with your GP and see how much mileage you get from him or her.

And if that is not forthcoming then one might look at some of the integrated medical organisations, and there are a number of them and because these are doctors who are trained in integrative medicine, anti-aging medicine, nutritional and environmental medicine. And these are the sort of the doctors that are more than likely going to be more open and more skilled in helping patients with symptoms related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.”