I have always been very healthy and fit, absolutely no illnesses or ailments, always optimistic and always striving to succeed. After living in Central Oz for seven years I was offered a job within my profession but that fell apart so I got a job operating a 170 tonne electric crane (photo). But relatively quickly I started to feel strangely ill and had difficulty sleeping, I just could not understand why. I went to the doctor’s and they just prescribed sleeping medication but it had no effect. I thought I was allergic to the town.

But I just soldiered on for about nine months, however I was getting worse, and just started to feel like a was going a bit crazy, just not coping. So I decided I had to quit, particularly because that job was trying to kill me in a couple of different ways, I left that town, and moved to become a snake catcher. Believe it or not catching snakes was far safer than that crane job! And paid more too! Pretty much straight away there was some relief apart from mild insomnia which, the same again, I could not understand. I simply thought it was mostly traffic noise and an uncomfortable bed, or because I was getting older, I just didn’t know.

But I was concerned with WiFi, and I was very concerned with a tower on top of an adjacent hill some 600 metres away (image). This was partly due to a detection device I got to practice with, but basically it was concluded that this instrument would not work effectively because of this rather large tower. I secured a more ‘reliable’ job, moved to another premises, and this is where I first started to realise that I was allergic to WiFi. The WiFi router was in my bedroom.

Immediately I experienced worsening insomnia and I was again getting this strange ill feeling again, and just basically constantly feeling like crap! I purchased a really good bed so it wasn’t that as I have always slept extremely well. Everything was simply difficult. But luckily the fella I was renting the room from stated that WiFi is unhealthy (along with fluoridated water) and insisted that I need to turn it off at night. Even though this did help, I was still not well, not sleeping, and there was still the neighbours WiFi which I was receiving full strength from.

I had to leave these premises due to career change and moved to the bush, with no neighbours, no WiFi, in an ‘off-grid’ premises where I felt perfectly fine, perfectly healthy, and slept beautifully. But then I lost my job due to the drought and then lost my next job due to the bushfires, which were far more devastating due to a completely inept government, and so moved back to suburbia. Insomnia and constant underlying health issues returned. I got a job servicing swimming pools and this is where things started to really go down hill.

Insomnia was becoming chronic and this is where a predominant sickness was physically over taking my life. It was continually getting worse. If I worked in the more rural/bush areas I was mostly ok, but when working in the more populated urban areas there was a distinct detrimental affect to my health. And what was extensively distinct, if I worked in the city centre I became very ill, particularly one high rise motel building. I was just dreading this one particular servicing job and it was clearly making myself ill, I just couldn’t wait to get out of that building.

So everyday when I arrived home after work I was feeling exceptionally awful, and by Friday evenings I knew that there was something seriously wrong. I was becoming very scared, just didn’t know what to do, I did a lot of research, and pretty much diagnosed myself with electromagnetic hypersensitivity by putting all the pieces together. As one sufferer explained on YouTube, “the correlations are too distinct”. I went to the doctors, explained my symptoms and stated that I think I have EHS. Luckily for me he was quite empathetic, did a full blood and urine screen, and the results came back showing that I was in pretty good shape. I was bit shocked, a bit pleased but mostly confused. There was nothing to indicate that there was anything wrong with me.

So consequently he recommended a visit to a clinical psychologist, which I can sought of understand. I have heard stories of arrogant doctors saying it’s all ‘in-the-head’. However I knew that this was not the solution, and to be honest I was a bit offended, and felt somewhat demoralised. But after trying more or less what could be described as cheep token-istic solutions, and desperately researching for answers, there seemed to be only one potentially viable solution. And this is a point in my life I will certainly never forget.

It was a Friday, I was just painfully desperate, I was feeling like I was slowly dying, literally slowly dying. I desperately phoned Blushield, I urgently had to try one of their products and I had to have it that day, I couldn’t wait for it to be posted, and luckily their main expert worked nearby. I was almost begging. I organised to meet that afternoon. I really felt like I was going a bit crazy, and it was just a dreadful low point in my life. I was almost panicking, and really quite ashamedly I was driving erratically and dangerously, I was kind of losing control.

I arrived, I literally think I’ve never been so chronically desperate. I met Donna, and I remember thinking that I must look like a bit of a lunatic. However you could instantly tell that she truly cared and totally understood what I was going through. We discussed the topic and it was clearly evident that she is on a mission to help humanity. I purchased the Cube (image), and at this stage money was no object, it cost over $800 but I just didn’t care. Donna explained a few things about the technology, and that it may take some time to have an affect, if it does at all.

I got home feeling very ill, totally exhausted and devastated, and indeed sceptical about what I had just purchased. The first thing I did was plug in the device. I was beyond anxious. But something happened relatively straight which kind of blew me away – I very spontaneously popped out a karate move which I hadn’t done in a long time. I distinctly remember that being really quite strange, but I still remained sceptical. So I just relaxed that weekend, unable to do anything else due to feeling disgustingly ill, it was really like I was poisoned, almost like my very soul was contaminated or my spirit was ‘grotty’. I do understand for those not directly affected how strange this sounds, and It is difficult to articulate how I felt because I’ve never experienced anything like this prior to operating that massive electric crane.

One very crucial element to fighting this condition is having friends or family that do truly care, and indeed care enough to take you seriously. I rent accommodation attached to a Mates house and thankfully he respected enough to help by turning the Wifi off at night (photo), and to him I am eternally grateful. Unfortunately a neighbour didn’t take me seriously, after explaining to him sincerely that their WiFi, which is a mere ten metres from my bed, is quite probably making us sick. I explained that there is quite a lot evidence showing WiFi is dangerous, and that would he mind turning it off at night, even as a precaution to help protect his grandchildren. But no I still receive their WiFi at full Strength.

I would slightly recover after the weekend, but progressively worsen through the week. And really it was kind of blurry, unable to concentrate and remember things, feeling terribly ill, a definite deterioration in vision, becoming exceptionally anxious, irritable, and almost kind of panicking but it was like I was too tired to panic. It simply felt like hell. And a couple of weeks after purchasing the device on a Friday, at my worst, I felt like I was totally losing it and quite debilitatingely ill.

The confusion was just taking me over. I phoned Donna from Blushield, out of desperation more than anything after two to three weeks of no improvement, to explain that the device isn’t working. However she explained to give it a bit more time and that my body is probably still detoxifying. Paradoxically I felt half re-assured and half sceptical. I knew I had to quit my job, I was making mistakes and worst of all I felt like I was very much a real danger on the road. I was absolutely scared I was going to have an accident on the road.

I went back to the doctors but they didn’t really know what was going on. At this stage it was like a painful dream. It was approaching the thirty days after purchasing the Blushield device whereupon I could return it and get my money back, and I’m mostly thinking that this is not working, it was a lot of money, and that when it gets to day 29 I have to take it back for a refund. However, around day 26 I experienced my first almost fulfilling nights sleep. I actually woke up just after sunrise instead of in the middle of the night and then just laying there until the sun came up.

The very next night I had and even better nights sleep, and I remember almost being in like a mild form of shock when I woke. For any one who’s suffered chronic insomnia and then all of sudden have a truly good nights sleep, it really feels like a miracle. I was very much stunned and I remember feeling so absolutely overwhelmingly emotional. I’m not really embarrassed to admit but I cried for about half an hour. This was literally the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever experienced. I actually started to obtain some clarity in my thoughts and that awful nauseated sickening feeling was gradually but distinctively subsiding. And from that point my life and health started to return to normal, apart from being home bound due to the global pandemic and living pretty much under the protection of the Blushield device.

But, a few months later we had a 10kW photovoltaic solar system installed, and I thought all good, that’s a clean green smart energy choice, and thought nothing of it. And within about five weeks with just pure and total dread it felt like total abhorrent hell had returned. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to think or do, but my health took and even worse dive. I was getting even sicker as before. Unexplainably bad, it was worse. Chronic insomnia, a constant bad headache, debilitating fatigue, but with the new addition of constantly growing nauseated sickening feeling in my stomach. And massive brain-fog, like a constant terrible hangover.

I began stressing bad and that nasty dreamlike panicking feeling just took over my life again. I though this can not be happening, for me this was was hell. I literally started planning to leave and live in bush. But as I do I researched again to try and find out what the hell was going on, and by chance I came across a video of someone explaining more on dirty electricity and that one of the worst offenders were home solar energy systems. I found more information online saying the same thing, and that in the US people were forced to move due to the toxic effects of solar energy systems, in particular the relatively large inverters generating up to 20,000 hertz needed to convert DC into AC current. Compounding my problem was the installation of two WiFi smart meters.

I was again just totally devastated and shocked. I just couldn’t believe. My health very quickly deteriorated, to the point where I absolutely thought it was going to kill me. I believed I was dying. So remembering what Donna said in that the device I purchased may not be strong enough, I new I had no choice but to contact Donna and Blushield again and this time I new I had to get the most powerful device – the Premium Ultra (image). I was literally being attacked from every angle. Once again and feeling gravely desperate I felt like I was begging to purchase the device that very day I phoned. Suffice to say Donna is truly an amazing person and one of the most passionate and determined to help society, she is indeed performing a vital role for the well being of humanity. Same again, I immediately plugged in the new device.

However what I found extremely interesting and quite disturbing is that while I had the Blushield devices unplugged, for about four hours, my desert raisin seedlings, an important commercial native food item from central Australia, were looking very sad and droopy (photos: before/during/after). I did not water these plants and by the next morning they completely recovered. They have never appeared as poor as they did during that afternoon with the Blushield devices turned off. It could be a coincidence, but I’m sure the Blushield devices are assisting plant germination, growth and health. As a side note: can not use municipal water because the fluoride and chlorine is toxic for plants, particularly sensitive plants and seedlings. It’s toxic to fish, why do you think aquarium water needs to be ‘aged’, but fluoride is very difficult to filter. It would be an interesting experiment to determine if scalar waves help plant growth in toxic EMF affected areas, and I am working on how to do that.

So the following day I made the recording as the introduction to this video. And this time I took daily notes of my health status to document my recovery, of which I was desperately hoping but still sceptic. To be honest though, because this time around I was far sicker then before, and additionally due to the fact that there was now a ten kilowatt solar energy system directly above me on our roof, I truly believed the Blushield device was not going to help. I believed there was now too many toxic EMF radiation sources. As I said before, I am literally getting attacked from every angle.

So day one as stated in the earlier recording, I felt like absolute shit. Obviously this is not a medically justifiable description of my conditions as it is relatively difficult to accurately describe how I was feeling. I have never felt like this before. It has been difficult to describe to my Doctor my health status, apart from constant and worsening intense ‘hang-over’ like headaches, quite a strong nauseated sickening feeling in my stomach, extremely poor ability to concentrate and no energy. But what was definitely noticeable is this ‘brain-fog’ as they call it. And also vertigo, which is something I have never experienced before and this was very worrying, especially when I would lose my balance walking to the top of stairs.

EHS symptoms are very difficult to describe but once you experience it you then realise this is something truly different and terrifying. It’s like a combination of this painful hang-over type headache combined with a feeling of an external force scrambling your brain. It does sound strange but it also feels like your soul or spirit is poisoned. Of course chronic insomnia is straight forward to explain, although that first night I did seem to sleep a bit better.

Second night though I did finally have a reasonably full nights sleep, I actually slept in which I had not done for quite a while. The headaches and stomach nausea were not as strong. I was still quite tired, running out of energy, mildly irritable, I just had to constantly rest. My vision improved slightly. And strangely I had abnormal bowel movements like I’ve never had before, and this was slightly concerning. I continued to improve slightly but remained exhausted. A couple of days it did seem I was going backwards. There were a couple of days where I actually successfully had a brief afternoon sleep which I could never really do before.

Day five I had shocking constipation, and then the next day I had diarrhoea, I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I am not sure if this is correlated but also while recovering I was expelling very unflattering ‘windiness’. I was only having a couple of nights of interrupted sleep. I was waking up with a mild headache but these usually disappeared during the day. Day seven I was almost back to normal but with a slightly restless sleep. One very noticeable side effect were strange and quite vivid dreams. And then day ten and eleven with again poor sleep and back to feeling very ill, and very tired. Also I was at times just hopelessly clumsy and making really stupid mistakes.

Regularly I had a stiff sore neck and this is where I realised that it feels like I have the flu without having the flu. Also, which could be a coincidence but I’m just not sure, the first time I used Blushield, for a few weeks both tea and coffee tasted a bit strange, an almost metallic taste, and this second time around I often had a weird sickly butter-like taste during and after I ate something. Day fourteen as so often before I had extreme difficulty focusing, mild headaches and very poor ability to concentrate.

And then on day fifteen I had my first proper sleep again, and this is where I definitely began to reclaim my health. Day seventeen I was still very tired, with very poor concentration, but saddened to see quite a lot of dead and dying bees both in my backyard and on my way to the dog park, a strange coincidence considering it was World Animal Day! But still improving by day 22 and certainly at this point, apart from the occasional very mild headache, occasional feeling of tiredness, and now on average getting about seven hours of sleep, which trust me if your ever had chronic insomnia, seven hours is life changing. I am convinced beyond any doubt that these Blushield devices are doing a miraculous job.

My condition may have improved slightly quicker this time around due to already using a, albeit not as strong, Blushield device. This is all quite difficult for me to detail, but as I’ve said before, I can not be the only one and I am making this video to help those also suffering from this infliction, and help verify to those affected by EMF radiation poisoning, that this is a very real and scary illness that will only get worse unless something is done.

I do at times believe I can hear EMF noise, I can’t really explain it that well, but I certainly sense a massive difference between where I currently live compared to the more isolated areas. I truly think that I am a test guinea pig, I think we all are, and I sometimes feel like I am the so called ‘canary down the coal mine’. We each have to become your own advocates in identifying and exposing this chronic global health issue. I really do feel for those suffering from EMF radiation exposure, especially when people respond to some of my comments on certain YouTube video’s stating that they know EMF’s are making them sick but their friends and family are discounting their illness and often calling them crazy. People feeling ill from this are losing their friends and are becoming isolated from their families. This is tearing society apart.

So this thing has destroyed my life this year, particularly in lost productivity. When I was at my worst it took so much longer to accomplish anything, due to at times debilitating inability to concentrate and frustrating clumsiness. One person’s account can not be used as a universal generalisation, as everyone is being inflicted in different ways with varying results. I would be willing to sign an Affidavit stating that my personal account is true and accurate.